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Ryan Carter worked in the agriculture industry and transitioned to sales management for engineered commercial products. As he was traveling the country, he wanted to bring a positive impact back to Southern Illinois. The Carter Brothers began their business career together by row crop farming in 2012. Cole and Ryan saw an opportunity and bet the farm so they could bring their vision and work ethic into the culvert business.  

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In our minds there is no customer too big or too small. We want to create an "easy button" for our customers and create great experiences as well as long-lasting relationships. At Energy Culvert, we are more than an order fulfillment center. We strive to be present in our customers' journey and work together as a partner and resource.


At Energy Culvert, we partner with the largest manufacturers in the prospective industry to ensure we have a large variety of products in our portfolio. That means we can provide the highest quality products and workmanship. We select products that put our customers first so they don't have to worry about quality, usability, or price. We can also provide custom solutions through our fabrication shop. 
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